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Safety Switches – Are you protected?

Have you tested the Safety Switches at your place recently?

safety switches

Electrical box containing the safety switches

Worksafe QLD recommends you test your Safety Switches every 3 months!
You should be familiar with the safety switches inside your electricity box or switchboard which is usually located on the side of your house. The Safety Switch will have a Test or “T” button next to it. The test button in the below example is blue and oval in shape, however it can be various colours and sizes depending on the model installed. Testing the Safety Switch is as simple as pressing the Test button. If the switch flicks off and cuts the power, it is working correctly. If it does not cut the power, call AJ Palmer Electrical immediately.

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 Energex Positive Payback

Energex rewards customers and businesses who connect energy hungry appliances to economy tariffs or who install technologies that make their equipment operate more efficiently when the electricity network experiences peak demand.

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Swimming Pool Lighting

Swimming Pool lighting can sometimes be an afterthought when you are planning your pool area. When we think swimming pools, we think daytime & sunshine fun. With winter in full swing, and the sun going down earlier and earlier, let’s not waste the great outdoors. It’s all about creating a fantastic, usable outdoor entertainment area for your family and friends to enjoy any time – day or night. Swimming Pool lighting can not only improve the atmosphere and ambiance of your outdoor entertainment area, but it also provides a level of safety that is extremely important around water after the sun goes down.

Swimming Pool Lighting North Brisbane AJ Palmer Electrical

Beautiful LED Swimming Pool Lighting

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Winter is coming – Heating installation

Winter is fast approaching and some of us are already starting to feel the chill in the air. Our heating installation experts at AJ Palmer Electrical can provide a quality service to install the right heating option for your needs and intended usage.

Heating Installation

Modern electric heater

All electrical heaters come with their own list of Pros and Cons, depending on the level of usage, location and size of the room you are trying to heat.  Electrical Fire Heaters and Panel heaters are a popular, energy efficient and safe choice when it comes to Heating appliances and AJ Palmer Electrical can provide the right advice when it comes down to making these important decisions.  Our solutions are safe, energy saving and include all manufactures warranties.

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Economy Tariff 33 Extended Rewards

Pool Pump Installation Rewards Economy Tariff 33

A pool pump is one of the top electricity draining items that can lead to large electricity bills well into the thousands if you are not signed up to the Economy Tariff 33. The energy used by each individual pool will vary across households.  30% of the household electricity costs can be attributed to the pool pump. This can be more than your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher combined!

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4 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

A look at your monthly utility bills might cause your jaw to drop. If your energy usage (and overall costs) are significantly higher than you expected, you may wonder how to bring those numbers down. After all, you don’t want to spend a fortune on energy bills-especially if you have other expenses and fun activities you need to pay for.

You know that adding energy-efficient appliances to your home is the best way to reduce your energy consumption. But if you can’t afford these sometimes-costly appliances, you may wonder if you can even lower your utility bills at all.

In the blog below, we list 4 different ways you can reduce your building’s energy consumption-and your monthly energy bills-and at little or no extra cost!

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Upgrade Your Home With These 5 Modern Electrical Features

Electricity is practical: it helps you see at all times of the day and keeps your appliances running. But electricity can be exciting, too. It can turn your home from a simple living space into a place where family members and friends want to gather.

Electrical upgrades increase your home’s value, but they also enhance your life. Consider how amazing it would feel to have a night-time pool party with pool lights, or plan a movie party with home theatre equipment.

Here are some of the ways you can upgrade your home with electrical features:

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