Economy Tariff 33 Extended Rewards

Pool Pump Installation Rewards Economy Tariff 33

A pool pump is one of the top electricity draining items that can lead to large electricity bills well into the thousands if you are not signed up to the Economy Tariff 33. The energy used by each individual pool will vary across households.  30% of the household electricity costs can be attributed to the pool pump. This can be more than your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher combined!

A typical pool could use anywhere from $300 to $1250 per year worth of electricity. This depends on the time of day that your pool pump system is set to run and your individual electricity providers tariff.

A new energy efficient pool pump might be worth a look into! AJ Palmer Electrical can help you with any new pool pump installation and ensure that you are connected to the Economy Tariff 33 from the get go.

If you already have a pump that you are happy with but are not yet connected to Economy Tariff 33 – Energex has just extended its current Pool Rewards Program to 30 June 2016. With a financial incentive of $200 to connect a pool pump to an off-peak electricity tariff.

This program will not only give you some cash in hand to spend on new pool toys to keep the kids entertained but will provide you with long term savings!

 Pool Pump Installation

So how do you take advantage of Economy Tariff 33 Rewards?

  1. Contact AJ Palmer Electrical on (07) 3357 4646 for a quote on your pool pump installation and/or to arrange connection of your pool pump to Economy Tariff 33.
  2. Once the work is completed AJ Palmer Electrical will submit an Electrical Work Request (EWR) to Energex (there will be an upfront meter installation charge applicable).
  3. Contact your electricity retailer and let them know you have connected to Economy Tariff 33. Your electricity retailer will then submit a Business to Business (B2B) request to Energex.
  4. You are now ready to claim your reward. $$$

Still not convinced? Calculate your potential savings for connecting to Economy Tariff 33.

For further information on the Energex Pool Rewards Program 

AJ Palmer Electrical can also connect your electric hot water system to an off-peak tariff at the same time, which could also mean you are eligible for an additional $100 or $200 rebate under the Energex Hot Water Rewards scheme. For more information on the Rewards Based Tariff please watch the short video below.