Swimming Pool Lighting

Swimming Pool Lighting

Swimming Pool lighting can sometimes be an afterthought when you are planning your pool area. When we think swimming pools, we think daytime & sunshine fun. With winter in full swing, and the sun going down earlier and earlier, let’s not waste the great outdoors. It’s all about creating a fantastic, usable outdoor entertainment area for your family and friends to enjoy any time – day or night. Swimming Pool lighting can not only improve the atmosphere and ambiance of your outdoor entertainment area, but it also provides a level of safety that is extremely important around water after the sun goes down.

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Beautiful LED Swimming Pool Lighting

AJ Palmer Electrical can help you to light up not only the swimming pool with underwater lights, but the surrounding landscapes to ensure the Pool zone is well lit for safety reasons, showing nearby pathways or outlining the edge of your swimming pool. Adding fairy lights or feature lights in trees will create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone well after the sun has gone down.

LED pool lights are recommended for swimming pool lighting, and underwater usage as they are energy efficient and have a much longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs. They are available in a wide variety of colours, but if you can’t just settle on just one colour – colour changing LED pool lights are available that can be programmed to change colours to a variety of different rhythms and patterns.

Landscape / Safety lighting

There are 2 main types of flood lighting that should be considered here – LED and Halogen. LED is again, much more energy efficient and tends to last a lot longer. Halogen lights may be more affordable in the short term but you will need to regularly change the bulbs which is not necessary with LED lighting. You should be careful not to take away from the ambiance of your pool area by over illuminating. It is easy to do with flood lights, but rest assured our team has the experience and know how to provide a safe and practical solution for your home.

Feature lighting

AJ Palmer Electrical Swimming Pool Lighting

Outdoor Entertainment Lighting

There is no limit here – AJ Palmer Electrical can help you light up trees, waterfalls, gazebos, decks and pathways. Give us a call today, and let us help you start planning the outdoor entertainment area of your dreams.

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