As the weather warms up, make sure your air conditioning system is ready to take the heat. The last thing you want is to have your air conditioner unit break during a hot summer day. Having your air conditioning system work properly is essential so you can stay comfortable.

When you start to do your spring-cleaning, include your air conditioning system on your to-do list. This maintenance will ensure you stay cool when temperatures begin to soar.  

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Follow these awesome tips by AJ Palmer Electrical for a happy & healthy Air Conditioner.

How to prepare your air conditioner for the summer months

1. Run Your Air Conditioner Before It Gets Hot

Most home owners wait until the heat feels unbearable to turn on their air conditioning system. If your air conditioner has broken over the winter, you won’t have a way to stay cool in the summer. Additionally, repair time will likely take longer because the first few weeks of summer are often a busy time of year for electricians.

Start your air conditioner at least a month before summer to make sure everything works properly. If your system doesn’t run smoothly, give AJ Palmer Electrical a call!

To test your air conditioner, clean the area around it to prevent debris from getting into it. Then,
remove the cover on the outdoor unit. Turn on the system and close the humidifier bypass. Give your system an hour to start cooling. After an hour, make sure the system is cooling and that the unit condenser doesn’t show signs of icing.

2. Check the Air Filters

If you have some experience, you can likely change the filter without help from from our electricians. You may need to replace the filter as often as every 30 days if you use your unit frequently.

More expensive filters may last up to six months without needing replacement, depending on the brand.

You should check the filters, heat pump and furnace. Home owners who don’t change their filters often may overwork their systems, which leads to equipment failure and costly repairs.

3. Clean the Vents

Make sure your system has proper airflow. If you can’t feel air blowing smoothly throughout your home, you may need to clean the vents. To clean this area, remove the unit cover and remove accumulated debris. Regularly cleaning your unit will ensure your system runs efficiently and lasts longer.

4. Check the Insulation and Ductwork

Check your ductwork for any leaks. If you suspect a problem, have a HVAC technician perform a pressure test. This test will determine if your ductwork is running efficiently. If needed, a technician can also seal and insulate leaks to enhance the performance of your cooling system. AJ Palmer Certified Master electricians may also be able to assist with this step.

5. Program the Thermostat

Running your air conditioner all day and night will cost you a lot of money on your energy bill. Instead, set your thermostat to run less often when you’re away from home.

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, consider installing one. These devices can help you save money on your energy bill and extend the life of your air conditioning system. You may want to consider installing a Wi-Fi-compatible system so you can adjust the temperature from your mobile device.

6. Update Your System

Springtime is the perfect season to upgrade your current unit if you have an older system. A new air conditioning unit will reduce the risk of the unit breaking down. It can also save you money throughout the summer. Consult with AJ Palmer Electrical to help you determine a suitable  system for your home.

Try these simple spring-cleaning tips so you can extend the life of your cooling system and save on your utility bill. Remember the small details  can make a big

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